Eyewear Exams

Eye Exam

If you need a pair of contact lenses or glasses you have come to the right address. With the results of our eyewear exams, our specialists will determine what size and type of eyewear is best for you. Contact Lens and Eyewear tests include eye-surface measurement and tear film evaluation. These allow us to advice on the best possible solution for you. Ultimately, we provide you with the exact prescription and guarantee the right fit for our eyes.

Tailored Solutions and Follow-up

Our exams are specifically made so that patients get a comprehensive insight on the wide range of solutions available. Remember that an Eyeglass prescription is very different from a contact lens exam, improper guidance can lead to additional eye complications.

That is why our expertise will guarantee the right prescription that suits your needs. At Dr. Martin Roche Sr. MD you have a committed eye doctor you can trust. Even after the initial exam our doctors provide continuous follow-up to make sure the provided solution adjusts to your vision.

Contact us today and schedule your yearly exam to analyze if there are any new vision problems showing up!

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Schedule your yearly Eye-exam today! Here at Eye Care of Fort Lauderdale, we believe Prevention and Early detection are key to a life-long healthy vision!

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