Comprehensive Eye Exams

Prevention and detection

Whether you need vision treatment or not, a comprehensive eye exam is an important part of caring for your overall health. A brief look into your eyes can give us signs of other health conditions such as diabetes and more. We’ll have a look at Sharpness, eye collaboration and fluid pressure to make sure your eyes are in perfect shape. A yearly Eye Exam contributes to the early detection and prevention of several Eye-related and Non-Eye-related diseases.

Effective Treatment

Dr. Martin Roche Sr. MD offers effective vision treatment for a wide array of Eye-related conditions. We can help you with Cataracts, glaucoma and retinal diseases. On top of that we have what it takes to solve Cornea diseases and eye infections. Ultimately, we offer effective treatment for Eyelid cancer, dryness and Eye allergies.

Contact us today and schedule your yearly exam to analyze if there are any new vision problems showing up!

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Eye Care Services for the whole Family

Schedule your yearly Eye-exam today! Here at Eye Care of Fort Lauderdale, we believe Prevention and Early detection are key to a life-long healthy vision!

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